Your One-Stop Shop for Authority

Sizzle Media helps you elevate your business, your brand, your lifestyle. This is accomplished through proven and repeatable methods.


Sizzle Media is a branding and authority agency that helps entrepreneurs and businesses add fire to their online presence and brand identity. Sizzle Media is founded by Tracy Cousineau and Hollie Kitchens, both business owners with a proven track record of branding and authority.

Our goal is to elevate your brand, your voice, and your impact through strategic branding methods. We truly believe every business has a unique story, and if told correctly, can attract their dream clients.

Our Vision

Sizzle Media exists to serve businesses and business owners with innovative branding strategies that will drive results. We help brands create authority and amplify their voice through various methods to drive client success.

Our Mission

To establish Sizzle Media as the one-stop shop for businesses and personal brands to use for authority and brand building. We aim to be the go-to authority agency by 2030.

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